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Rentability for investors


Over the past few years, the rent became much more than a way to access housing. Now, this represents one of the most lucrative business. Considering only its traditional aspect (for habitual residence), it generates a rentability much higher than the one offered by most of the financial products. According to Banco de España, the rent of a property generates earnings up to 4.6%.

However, renting cannot only be used with habitual residences. There are other methods to take advantage of a property that can lead to being economically more attractive for investors in big cities, such as Madrid: temporary and vacation rentals. Both of the alternatives, especially vacation rental, are raising as an interesting revenue source.

I offer a service with which I help to optimise the yield of the proprieties and I avoid to the landlord dealing with normative troubles that surround this market. I am always looking for increasing the rentability of the investor, considering that an investment should get the highest rentability, with minimum risks and the greatest security and tranquillity.

Given that the landlord of a property can be an investor living outside of Spain, we also offer a service to manage the property rented with a conventional lease by the landlord. Contrary to traditional businesses which function ends when the property is rented, we offer a full follow-up, month after month, and a direct relationship with the tenant once the property is rented.

Obtaining the best conditions for every part is always the result of the negotiation and the basis of the success. In this consists my mediation, based on honesty and the agreement with my clients.

What is my management?

1. SELECTION OF THE TENANTS: We rely on the necessary advertising and marketing to search and choose tenants that meet viability conditions and have suitable solvency.


1.- Redaction and signature of the lease agreement in our office (with the guarantee and the control of Colegio de Agentes de la Propiedad Inmobiliaria de Madrid)

2.- Realisation of the equipment and electrical appliance inventory when the property is furnished

3.- Security deposit in the Comunity de Madrid from our office.

4.- Management to hire supplies for the property.

5.- Documentation management to apply for a rental or seller's permit before the Instituto de la Vivienda de Madrid.


We are the representative with the tenant: management of any incident with the tenant or the property.

1.- We solve urgent breakdowns and the quickest possible those which are not. (Always with the prior authorisation of the landlord.)

2.- In case of damage to the rented property, processing with the insurance company that had been contracted by the landlord.

3.- Free legal advice concerning any doubt about the rental contract. Also, legal advice to solve conflicts with the tenant.

4.- This legal advice includes, in case of non-payment or delay, the redaction and communication to the tenant of the eviction notice by fax, as well as its cost.

5.- Follow-up of the updates, finalisation of the contract and any revision of the rent.

6.- Elaboration of rent invoices and management of the collection.

7.- The landlord will receive information and the documents of every tax related to the rental.

As well as increasing the revenues with traditional rental, I also got to optimise the rentability with the vacation rental, for more information click here.

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